Maddie Mayo



Body Rock – Hip Hop

Madeline has been dancing since she was 3 years old, she was trained in her home town studio in all styles, although hip hop has always been her favorite. She was a varsity member of her high school dance team in McMinnville Oregon. After high school Madeline continued her dance journey as a season 7 member of “Nonsense Dance Company” in Portland, Oregon. Madeline performed for many events in Portland including a “TED Talk”, live performances with the band Con Bro Chill as well as music videos. After a year in Portland, Madeline packed her bags and headed to pursue her dreams in Hollywood. There she continued training at Millennium Dance Complex and was a apart of the work study program at IDA Hollywood. Madeline was a 1st season member of “Dixon Dance Company” where she was able to perform at a number of events including Dancing With The Stars, WeWork grand opening, and filmed numerous Choreography pieces. Madeline also Choreographed for local artist Raelee Nicole, and worked as an independent dancer filming many dance videos with Luna Dance Center. In 2017 Madeline moved to Dallas Texas where she has continued dancing and training. Over the past few years Madeline has performed with local artist Seysei, in many shows around Dallas as well as her debut music video. Madeline currently teaches dance full time and loves being able to continue sharing her love of dance with everyone who steps into the studio.

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