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Beginning / Intermediate Salsa On2
Salsa On2 is a smooth sexy style that lets you bring the music to life. Also known as Mambo, this style is all about connecting and FEELING the music. This class will focus on the fundamental turns and footwork of salsa, as well as proper techniques to make you a great lead, follow, or both! We will also explore how to connect these moves to different rhythms in the music, to your partner, and to your audience (because you never know who might be watching!). So come on out and let’s spark that Latin fire!
  • No partner necessary
  • Comfortable shoes (Recommend: flats or low heels with an ankle strap)
  • Comfortable clothes that allow you to move

Thursdays | 8:00 pm | Lauren Marks

Wicked Advanced Broadway

Wicked Advanced Broadway

It’s time to move from the audience into center stage with our Wicked Advanced Broadway class.  It is a fast paced, fosse fizzling environment for those adults who have had previous Broadway dance experience.  You will be dancing your way through West Side Story to Chicago.  Be the Broadway star you were meant to be with this Wicked Advanced Broadway class.

Mondays | 8:15 pm | Kathleen Kerner

5, 6, 7 Strut

5, 6, 7, Strut

High Energy Jazz

Stop strutting your stuff in front of your bathroom mirror and strut your way into this high energy class.  Awaken your body with this upbeat and tantalizing jazz experience.  You will move and groove with a warm up, across the floor technique, and then you will lay it all out on the dance floor with strut-tastic choreography!  Come ready to shake it, pop it, and kick it, then strut out knowing your just killed it!

Tuesdays | 6:45 pm | Steveo McMaryion

Rock the Barre

Rock the Barre

Beginning / Intermediate Ballet

Rock the Barre is a rockin’ fun ballet class.  Focus on ballet technique while the latest pop and rock music of our time plays in the background.  Your inner prima ballerina will transform into to a rockin’ ballerina as your work on barre, center work, and across the floor exercises. This class will show you just how rockin’ fun ballet truly can be!

Tuesdays | 6:30 pm | Caroline Berko

Funk Fusion

Funk Fusion

Beginner + Intermediate Hip Hop

Funk Fusion is a hard-hitting, body-grooving and mind-blowing adult beginner and intermediate hip hop class. This class will allow you to explore your body through powerful dance moves and fun and energetic choreography taught by Mr. Robert Anthony. Funk Fusion will stimulate your senses and your ability to move and groove to popular hip hop tunes. Whether you are a guy or a gal, this class is sure to bring the fun and funk!

Mondays | 7:30 pm | Robert Anthony

Rhythms and Riffs

Rhythms and Riffs

Beg/Int Rhythmic Tap

This is a Beginner/Intermediate level class, using an eclectic mix of big band, swing, Broadway, pop, rock, and classical music. Explore interesting rhythms and stylized routines! The emphasis here is to create rhythmic combinations at an Beginner/intermediate level while building considerable choreographic vocabulary and skills.

Mondays | 6:15 pm | Sean Smith

Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge Contemporary

This contemporary class will pull your artistic side to the forefront of your dancer being.  You will explore power and expression through cutting edge contemporary exercises, choreography, and music.  Become the artist you aspire to be through the best contemporary class in town.

Tuesdays | 7:45 pm | Stevo McMaryion

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